first step in with red wine boozed

empty faces try to look through

just don’t care about the anger

’cause the next drink waits

and I know she shines in black

i feel pain

i see her standin’ there at the bar so fine

fenced by assholes and a bottle of wine

as she sees me, final lovely

well the next drink waits

just for me she shines in black

i feel pain

she stares at me with those oh so bright eyes

though deep dark and frosty blue ice

smiles sin like only demons can

she shines in black


the sun slips slowly through my hands

like glamorous sand through the old hourglass

i can not hide the pain of the opaque land

where the beauty of the dim, deep, darksome night disappeared

feel the change, rearrange, sober

levitate through black and grey

feel the change, so estrange, rephrase

somehow i seem to leave

i still can see her under the moon

dancing through the tenebrous woods

but the pictures fading far too soon

i can’t hold them tight, i can’t cherish, there is nothing i can do

feel the change, rearrange, sober

levitate through black and grey

feel the change, so estrange, rephrase

somehow i seem to leave

maybe i feel the brush that dies my skin

with the darkest colour i have ever seen

so it may be that i fear the cogwheel turning

probably it’s all a perfidious dark elf lie

feel the change, so estrange, rephrase

somehow i seem to leave

feel the change, rearrange, sober

levitate through black and grey

feel the brush, darkest colour, dying

the portrait of the lost smile

feel the lie, fear the wheel, turning

levitate through black and grey

so it may be that i fear the cogwheel turning

probably it’s all a perfidious dark elf lie



i know that i love you

but this is just a dream

and now i wake up

and i see that it is not real

but i don’t regret

the things that i have said

and now my hope is gone

my hope is gone

all my hope is gone

my feelings are dead

it is a strange thing baby

like summers joy’s going down

for fall’s grievious healing

where every heart’s out, souls are reborn

and still i don’t regret

though i let myself be sad

’cause everything’s so wrong

my hope is gone

tomorrow i’ll be reborn

my feelings are dead

gone away yesterday

here today

you won’t stay



i was out to drink myself down

i was out to make love to that wicked sound

all my hopes

all my fears

all the reasons


she threw my heart away

i was down with my friends by the fires

i was down and now i’ve lost all my desires

all my hopes

all my fears

all the reasons


she threw my heart away




dressed like a whore she walks down the street

very, very special she’s treated like meat

-it’s a fucking nightmare

then she smiles and I can’t believe

for what that joy came I’m not deceived

-soon will be deceased

and I look into his eyes

and all I see is nothing but lies

and I ask myself why

why couldn´t you just die

his lewd glaze hidden behind this mask

of feign friendship it’s just like a farce

-my heart hardly begins to pound

just one touch and I’m losing control

one wrong word and I’ll crush his soul

-behind a veil of red mist

why can’t you just die

I hate you – just die

so sad – just die

drop dead – just die


I wake up in your arms

feel your wonderful silhouette

touch your warm full lips

and taste the eternal kiss

My heart begins to pound

a shiver down my spine

I don´t want it to end

but it´ s just a dream, I´ m already dead

Nothing every pulled me so down

neither was my heart ever so heavy

coated with tons of clear blue ice

and sourrounded by my own cries

More alone and completely empty

never felt such darkness before

among the frozen death and the hardest storms

on the brink of ruin beckons her form

She breathed life into me

You can´ t see me

’cause I am already – dead

You can´ t see me

my love

I opened my eyes

a cloud upon my head

I should be disguised

finally her wish has come true

My body´s feeling weak

I think my blood is cold

for feelings I did seek

but just freezing pain I gained

Like a cosmic black hole

endlessly devouring matter

I absorb these deep dark feelings

and initiate my healing

Risen from the chilling snow

never again such love

bringing lust and deception, making everyone sad

no affection inside, I´m already dead

I´ ll breath life into you

You gave birth to my new view

tainted my whole world so blue

you gave me this pain I´ ll never forget

I will drink and fuck and taint your world black

Band lyrics


Well, I´ m sitting here

alone in the twilight of my home

with a bottle of red wine

yes you are right, I don´ t feel very fine

gonna cleanse my soul

by going down to the depths of my heart

and if I see her

and I know that she´ s the one I prefer

feel the frost

with such ardent lust

feel the frost

preserved endlessly

you think you are right

gone without me, to the light

fires burn bright

they can never shine through this night

love to my hate

yeah I think that you chose your fate

now it´ s too late

Sick of being alive

Of all the troubles and the lies

Yeah, I feel the frost

and prefer noone to trust

your beauty took my pride

saw your eyes in which I died

I gave for you a thousand lives

can’t you hear my cries



Oh, outside leaves are falling down

again I´m dreaming of the times

my feelings to be drowned

I don´t want to live anymore

Oh, love made me what I am

black wings are coming to embrace me

this pain will never disappear

sometimes love is stronger than death

Oh, love made me what I am

my soul is full of wrath

the hatred burns my soul

sometimes love is stronger than death

it hurts inside

it tears me down

cannot put aside – the coffin’s my crown

then I close my eyes

all these feelings are coming up again

things you told me have been lies

I don´t want to love anymore

my desire brings me down

the pain gets even more

I take a knife and cut me down

I don´t want to be hurt anymore


As her best male friend

you tried to get deep inside

touched her everywhere you could

so tried to take my pride

laid your arms around her hips

laughing in my face

I could do nothing but watch you

you´ve used friendship as a trace

you spread around your lies

and I laugh about your cries

You goddamned bastard

who do you think you are?

touch my girlfriend again

and you´ll die, you´ve gone too far

it doesn´t matter what you say

I don´t believe a thing

I´m too a man and I know your lies

for you my hatred sings

There is not just you

for you my hatred sings

my anger is meant true

for those my hatred sings


you feel alone

just keep your throne

now you live in sadness

and feel eternal emptiness

so you made it this far

you live your life without me

you think you won´t remember

you should set your spirit free

you think you found a new love

you live your life without me

your mind is empty, mine´s above

forever you´ll be missing, you will see

I search for reality

you think you have got – wrong

None are like we were

I can´t find it – anyway

There is no heart inside

you think you have got – wrong

you never felt love

Nor did I – anyway

Think of me and go insane

think the same way, feel the pain

live in madness

and feel eternal emptiness

There will never be such times

you can try but there is no chance

write some lyrics, speak some rhymes

your life has no real sense

did my heart love till now

for I sware at sight

for I never saw true beauty till this night

I saw you and still love you

I kissed you inside the water

you brought sense into my life

and crushed my heart forever

you think you’ve found a new love

you can´t live your life without me

your mind is empty mine’s above

forever you will suffer that’s your fate


Outside it´s raining

and my heart is cold as ice

The leaves are burning

she will never hear my cries

Her scent fills my room

For my darkened spirit sighs

It´s like that impending doom

Her feelings were built on her lies

Yes, you are right my lady has gone

she left me and stole my sun

No place where I can run

so I made that darkness come

Happiness was never really in me

probably once every century

Nobody ever heard my plea

I think it´s time to set my soul free

Yes, I love her

I can do nothing but die

This will be my last cry


She came home in the night

with a satisfied smile in her face

and the smell of intercourse through and through

I think I should have used a trace

She soon recognised I wasn´t dead

thought I´ve already gone to bed

Came in with some lies on her lips, how sad

I know, I see so clearly

and my visions are black and red

Dark amused I watched her

elegantly staggering to me

Her eyes shined with such a heart rending pathos

A ridiculous spell, I´m free

She too late recognised I wasn´t

The whole time I´ve endured and led

I came in with some lies on my lips, how sad

I knew, I saw so clearly

and enjoyed other women in our bed

I love you and you love me

Our hatred, our legacy

From darkness into the light

day turns into the darkest night

Beer and wine runs down my throat

must decide, cross or goat

Flesh and mind I do combine

so fuck, can´t you feel my sign

You fucking whore

Do you really think you can do what you want with me


I will break your wings and make your soul bleed


Till the fucking end


I will never descend



Love is the strongest pain

Life has no reason for me – you will see

love is the strongest pain

friends all left me alone – all alone

I´ m alone in this world of doubts

hoping for enlightment ´bout the past

I raise my arms up to the sky

cut my wrists and fly

Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!

I´ll make you see, believe in me, come die with me

I´ll make you see, your feelings for me, come die with me

This is for free, the place to be, come die with me

Die, as I did when you left me

Hate has always been in me – you will bleed

Love is the strongest pain

Fear just of losing you – is this true

All I asked for was a little love

But from my hands flew the dove

For you I was just a creep

Now forever I will sleep



Gone with her through months and years

together we´ ve passed

so many troubles and fears

tought her how to live and think

I´ m the ultimate lover and spirit

Now she thinks, her mind is grown enough

more powerful than mine, I simply laugh

through self suggestion a better human being

I will never give up my soul for feelings

My sadness, as it seems

touches my soul in a special way

gives me the strength, lets me freeze

and makes me what I am

My hatred and distane

flows through my veins and lowers my pain

got raised by my spiritual power

and the fact she´ s mentally blind

I love her so

the full moon shining, I won´ t ever let her go

I feel her mind

there isn´ t one more woman of her kind

I touch her moist cunt

that makes my flesh lewd and my spirit blunt

I will never be free

her transcendental beauty crushes me

Her redicioulus try to show power with externals

cannot mislead me, as to her weakness internal

if the opinion of mindless men is worth more than mine

she cannot be thinking well

and fucking without love is fine