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ZERO – 2003

01.) Shine In Black

02.) Levitate

03.) Feelings Are Dead

04.) Disappear

Yeah! That’s it. We recorded this masterpiece ourselves (like always), but mixed it with Claus Prellinger at the CCP Studio. So the sound is really good. Everything shines and gives you a brilliant feeling during your reconnaissances through the girl/boy filled pubs and of the girl/boy you choose to play with through the rest of the night. Drive your car with 1000 miles per hour and lava through your veins, scream, drink. No matter if you’re down or up… this is the music for it.


01.) Just Die

02.) You Can’t See Me

03.) Frost

04.) Run To You

Actually the third CD we recorded. The second was never released due to the worst shit a band can happen within the recording process (see BIOGRAPHY). Well on account of that and the persevering try of our keyboardgod Dorfmeister to persuade Dennis to do the whole thing on our own, it happend how it had to happen. We did it ourselves, and we did it very well. We recorded and mixed the whole thing with our live equipment and fat computers. It sounds more frozen than ever. Icecold and sharp. Though its a demo, it sounds 10 times better than the most professional records, coming out these days. Enjoy!

metal music


01.) Intro

02.) Sometimes

03.) Hatred Sings

04.) Eternal Emptiness

05.) End Of

06.) Whore

07.) Frost

08.) Die With Me

This is the material recorded within our 2nd, disastrous studio session. As some of you might know, we had really big problems with the guy in the studio and thus the producing process is still not finished yet. At this time, we don’t know, if we actually will finish the thing, cause what we already have, is not exactly what we wanted (referring to the sound). Unfortunately some of the songs are classics and really cool, so… you know… we don’t know.

PAIN – 1999

01.) Sadness

02.) Black Sun

03.) Lust

04.) Down

05.) Fire

06.) Straight To Hell

07.) SummerRainFall

Our very first CD. Primarily Songs, Dennis wrote, when he was 15 or something. Played with cheap equipment and recorded with nothing but scrapmetal. All in all it is hear- and enjoyable anyway and it shows clearly, what Frozen is all about…




01.) You Can’t See Me

02.) Die With Me

03.) I’ve Crossed The Oceans Of Wine To Find You

04.) Sometimes

05.) Shine In Black

06.) Whore

07.) Frost

08.) End Of

09.) Just Die

10.) Rebel Yell

We tried to play ‘unplugged’, but to microphon an acoustic guitar isn’t as simple as we thought. We had no time left to organize something else and so decided to play ‘clean’ with our eguitars. The bass was a half acoustic, so it matched to the unplugged standard, given from tv. But to be honest… who really cares. Equal which instrument you use, it’s not unplugged. Everyone plugs in and has 10000000000 effects rollin over it, before it comes outta the pa. So who fuckin cares???


01.) Sometimes

02.) Cantspeak

03.) Hatred Sings

04.) The End Of

05.) Interlude

06.) Whore

07.) Wicked Games

The first concert we’ve ever made. Of course it was hell on earth. We were drunk, full of love and hate, brand new and inexperienced. We played, the crowd roared and we recorded it.

the frozen heavy metal


01.) Abgrund

A little sideproject of The Frozen, where they ‘ve done one song with a very nice guy (and songwriter), named Tom ‘Hutti’ Hutterer.