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New Gallery

The frozen has released a new page which contains all the images of us that have been taken over the …

New album art

Blue Virtue

The new album BLUE VIRTUE will probably consist of 13 tracks

  1. Frozen
  2. Violet
  3. Jester
  4. Carneval
  5. Reason To Feast
  6. Winter
  7. The
recording music

Recording has begun

We’ve started to record the brand new album, which is called V.

It will be released spring/summer 2005 and …

Zero review

Some Reviews of Zero are online.

They are linked and consequently they can be found in the link section.

Furthermore …

ZERO Complete

ZERO is done. The site has been updated.

You can get the following out of ZERO:

Discography : get more …

New music

To shorten the time, you’ve to wait for our new CD ZERO, we decided to let CLAUS PRELLINGER (who did …

Studio Update

We wish you (more or less) lots of good feelings (however you may feel good) during the new born year.…

recording now

Recording Status

We have almost finished bass recording. Pete’s doing some extra sound effects with me this weekend, during Tom and Lewd …

Zero Update

Till now we’ve got the whole rythm guitars and parts of the solos and keyboard arrangements. Currently we are recording …

We are back! New Layout


Hey now… We’ve got something new! It seems we managed to get a bit of a new …