During the years The Frozen played 16 concerts (also organized some) and took part at several band battles.


  • Dennis, a musician since his early childhood, recorded a CD with a couple of songs by himself just for fun
  • In the autumn Dennis and some friends visited an bad village highschool rock group concert and got the idea to make it better and founded THE FROZEN with the composition of Dennis – lead guitarist Zarl Wolfgang – singer and Thomas Koller – rythm guitarist.
  • Soon after Gerhard Peter and Thomas Zöchling joined the band to do the rhythm job with bass and drums and Thomas Dorfmeister was responsible for the keyboard.
  • The first 5 songs were written by Dennis and practiced hard.
  • In Winter THE FROZEN had their first live gig with an audience of 150 people.


  • The homepage went online in Spring
  • In September, Thomas Dorfmeister left the band.
  • Winter was the first time in Studio for recording the CD FIRST SNOW


  • During recording the singer Zarl Wolfgang was fired and Dennis took over the part of singing.
  • The studio work was finished in March, but the producer’s work was so bad, that the CD was never released.
  • By the end of Summer the band started to record the 4 track CD SUDDEN FROST without any professional help.


  • In the middle of the year the CD SUDDEN FROST was released.
  • As many other bands The Frozen also had an Unplugged Concert, where they played all their hits. It also was recorded and released in Autumn.
  • Winter was the beginning of the recordings for the CD ZerO.


  • Studio visit at CCP Studios for recording drums plus mix and master.
  • The CD was released in Spring with throughout positive reviews.
  • In Summer the Promo Video for the song DISAPPEAR of Zero was shot.
  • Autumn was the begin for recording the new CD V.