about frozen

Name: Dennis Panholzer

Instrument: Guitars, Vocals

Birthday: 12.7.1978 / cancer

Place of birth: 9 churches

Element: air

Beast: owl

Season: autumn

Colour: black, blue, green

Pets: none

Favourite movie: Conan the barbarian, Bram Stokers Dracula, Lethal Weapon

Favourite book: I read fantasy books exclusively, two of my favourite writers are Margaret Weis and R. A. Salvatore

Favourite dish: Italian food

Favourite drink: water, milk and wine

Favourite cigarettes: none smoker

Special interests: beside music, a bit sport and playing with my Masters Of The Universe, as far as my time allows me to

What I don´t like: 1) people, who don’t think about their fellow men and don’t get the point of helping each other. 2) not to be able to do what I want to do.

What I like: my girl, my mum and the dearer circle of relatives as well as the nature

Best song ever: The Sisters / this corrosion. The bands I like most are Opeth, Moonspell, Dead Can Dance, The Sisters and The 69 Eyes

Sexposition: is depending on my mood, but I think to ride is my favourite

Type of woman: I like women who are strongminded. I like long hair and she should have a very feminine body. Her fingers and toes should be extremely beautiful and I like very expressive noses and angular faces. But all in all, every type of woman has its very own special beauty.

Metal: silver

Number: none

+feeling: love, the excitement at the prospect of a very special night

-feeling: helplessness

Cardinal point: north

Fantasy: drizzt do’ urden, archsorcerrer, vampire

How I describe myself: determined, dogmatic, honest except the goal makes it impossible, strong minded, on the brink of insanity

What I dislike about me: my out of shape jawbone and shoulder and that I haven´t 100 % concentration all the time I´m awake

What I like about me: the ability to think far reaching and probably understand the way of life and the ability to see myself dispassionate

Favourite Car: none

Favourite model: Laetitia Casta

About women: they are so different compared to us men and its interesting to watch and try to understand them. Of course the main aspect is making love to them.

Are you tattooed: no

Have you ever hurt yourself, if, why and what have you done: no

What do you do, when you´re sad and when you´re aggressive: I would try to control it.

How would you describe the other members in your band:

TOM: bourgeois, confined indoors, green hands, muscles, not much words because they could be embarrassing, wants to know nothing about the hurtful truth

PETE: adult, lovelorn, thinks about things and tries to have fun

ZÖCH: hard worker, has a strange code of honour, girl- and bikeaddicted

Message: Never, ever lie yourself. What you’ve done, you’ve done and if it was not right, don’t disguise it. Just make it better the next time.

guitar player in the bank the frozen



Name: Thomas Koller

Instrument: Guitars, BackgroundVocals

Place of birth: 9 churches

Element: fire

Beast: shark

Season: autumn

Colour: green, black

Pets: shizophrenic 2nd person who makes me driving “only 3km/h”, destroys my car and myself, punching penis -> he died after 2 punches (R.I.P.)

Favourite movie: The crow, Braveheart, Army of darkness, Necromantic, The Story Of Ricky,

Phenomenon, The Lord Of The Rings

Favourite book: The Lord Of The Rings

Favourite dish: lips, beer, breasts, labia

Favourite drink: beer with bull, beer, beer, Fetzer, Woodbridge, green tea, water

Favourite cigarettes: Benson & Hedges

Special interests: one woman, music, beer

What I don’t like: to be defrauded, Gorches, unpunctuality, getting a “Kranzerl”, plebeian girls, traitors, there are a lot of things which suck!!!

Best song ever: The Frozen/ whore; Type O Negative/ are you afraid, blood and fire & we hate everyone, world coming down; Carnivore/ male supremacy; Anathema/ Lost control; Opeth/ demon of the fall; Danzig/ How the gods kill

Sexposition: woman on the top or me behind her! But I’m open to all techniques.

Type of woman: I prefer natural women who are intelligent and sexy in their own way! I can’t describe it – it’s a strong feeling inside. I just know it, when the girl is in my vicinity and I feel this special tingling in my stomach… Look at my girlfriend

Metal: rusty iron, it shows, that the hardest and most complex things are vulnerable

Number: 1, infinity

+feeling: To have a woman I really love, being succsessful with the band, to have 1,2,3 or more orgasms

-feeling: being lovesick, being sober (seeing this terrible world and it´s daily routine in a sober condition: it´s awful), being jealous and the result of being jealous- to feel myself ignored and cheated by someone

Cardinal point: north

Fantasy: Conan the barbarian

How I describe myself: At this time my mood is difficult to define… Usually I can´t follow my train of thoughts myself. So it´s more difficult for some people in my life to understand my thoughts and feelings… I´ve grown up to a calm guy, who is very thoughtfull. Every little impulse in my brain causes a huge amount of thoughts and feelings and it needs many hours to solve the problem and to get my soul clean (if it´s possible). Sometimes it´s really hard to keep my feelings under control… That´s what I´ve learned in the past years… Jesus Christ looks like me!!!

What I dislike about me: I hate my occasionally abnormal behavier when I´m totally drunk… I hate my soul and brain for giving me so much questions to answer, and bringing myself down (to the ground)… that´s not easy!

What I like about me: I am, who I am! But, at all levels I’m nice, funny, pretty, selfconfident………………. guy!!!

Favorite car: I don´t know… but in any case, it´s no Micra Mouse and it´s not the imaginary car, which I drive when I have no driving licence

About women: They are beautiful creatures (not all of them). Sometimes it´s difficult to understand their thoughts and feelings! I think they are very peevish and nowadays emancipate! It´s hard to correspond their idea, they have about us men! I love their “body-shapes” and I laugh about the try to attrect attention… short and sweet: Men need them (not all) and if there were no women on this planet, what would we do and who would we love (we = men). How would this world be without women? Terrible, awful, sad, boring… ?

Are you tattooed: Yes, I am – my hand is tattooed by myself with some celtic runes and inexplicable symbols I have made in da Lettn… I´m not proud of this!!! My 2nd tattoo is on my right shoulder – It shows a bull-skull! And the last one is the Frozen-Star on my left breast (near the heart, you know)

Have you ever hurt yourself, if, why and what have you done: In my early days I cutted myself, lots of times with a knife – I did it to balance the heartache, but these times are over. I’m not sensitive to pain, when I’m angry or sad! I can’t compare heartache and pain. Heartache or sorrow is the strongest pain! But nowadays I don´t hurt myself… The only consequence is, that you disfigure your body

What do you do, when you are sad and when you are aggressive: Nothing! I speak with my friends about the problem. There had been times when I destroyed things and hurted myself, but these times are over! Nowadays I drink some beer, hear music, play guitar and try to forget my problems and sadness.

How would you describe the other members in your band:

DENNIS: He is very consequent as for the band. He loves his girlfriend and the band. He isn’t really interested in other things… Sometimes his advices are really annoying. But at all he is honest realistic (not always) and sometimes he lives in a dream-world (but who doesn’t?). He goes his own way like I do. He is one of the few people, you can talk with

PETE: Very calm guy. He is friendly, sentimental. He is funny, loves laughing. I hate his played vacillation and his unpunctuality. I think he is very indolently, but who cares

ZÖCH: I don’t know him as good as the other band guys. Sometimes he is very childish (in his own way) and meticulous

Message: Life is a dream on the way to death. Be what you are and not what you would like to be or other people will form you!!! Live your life like you want!!!

Guitar and vocals in the frozen





Name: Gerhard Peter

Instrument: bass guitars

Birthday: 13.10.1979 / libra

Place of birth: 9 churches

Element: earth

Beast: bear

Season: rutting-season

Colour: black,blue,red

Pets: A chinchilla. He looks cosy but he can bite you to death!!!

Favourite movie: Braveheart, Army of Darkness, Pulp Fiction, Conan the Barbarian

Favourite book: I have no time for reading books.

Favourite dish: chinese food

Favourite drink: beer with redbull

Special interests: watching people(…to see what they are doing in several situations), listen to and make music

What I don´t like: dishonest, incertitude

Best song ever: Black No.1(Type O Negative)

Sexposition: I like, when the girl is riding me

Type of woman: intelligent, honest, funny, cheerful, young, graceful

Metal: Steel

Number: 13

+feeling: To know that someone loves you!!!

-feeling: That the world is not so funny as it could be!!!

Cardinal point: north

Fantasy: I don´t like to be such a homosexual elf, I think the best fantasy-figure is a warrior

How I describe myself: The man who does nothing exept what he wants to do

What I dislike about me: I think to much about live and that makes me sad!!!

What I like about me: That nobody can get me easy in rage.

Favourite Car: Ford Mustang 1969 Fastback (…but it`s the only Ford I like)

Favourite model: Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. I love her physique.

About women: In the world there are two kind of women. One who believe in love and others who just play with us. The first kind is ok, the second is repugnant.

Are you tattooed: No

Have you ever hurt yourself, if, why and what have you done: Yes, there was a time when I hurt myself because I was alcoholized and lovesick. I wanted to kick down a half meter thick wall, but the wall was stronger!!! So I could not move my fingers for about a half month.

What do you do, when you´re sad and when you´re aggressive: When I am sad, I lay down on my bed and listen to loud music which lets me remember the good old time in the past. When I am aggressive, I try to control it.

How would you describe the other members in your band:

DENNIS: If you see Dennis in the streets, it´s better to get out of his way exept you want to tell him all about your sexual life!!! He is very interested what other people do in their beds!!! Don´t ask me why, just I actually know it!!! Except for his sexual interests he is intelligent and he knows much about life!!!

TOM: Be happy lad, that there is no club law in the present time!!! Tom is very lovesick and that makes him very agressive. But he is one of the best people I have ever known and he is one of my best friends I have ever had.

ZÖCH: He is the born manager. He is a very cheerful person, who works very hard and long.

Message: Look into the future and learn from the past

base guitar player





Name: Thomas Zöchling

Instrument: drums

Birthday: 15. 3. 1978

Place of birth: Neunkirchen

Element: water

Beast: ???????

Season: Spring

Colour: black, red, steel

Pets: FREDDYS, silverfishes, mosquitos

Favourite movie: Die hard, Seven, Gargouiles,….

Favourite book: I don’t read books

Favourite dish: selfmade Spaghetti, pizza, boeuf stroganov

Favourite drink: beer, coke

Favourite cigarettes: Malboro light, Camel

Special interests: music, PA systems, everything with sound

What I don’t like: MESS, bad played music, anyone who wants to tell me how to live my life

Best song ever: Barbie Girl, Hells bells, and many others

Sexposition: 666, and more

Type of woman: all who aren’t stupid or so

Metal: Steel

Number: The correct numbers for a trible jackpot (as the only winner)

+feeling: good gig

-feeling: no money

Cardinal point: north

Fantasy: Gargoyles

How I describe myself: coleric, sometimes shizophrenic, domenic, horny and very often drunk short: the technical support!!!

What I dislike about me: coleric

What I like about me: my intelligence, my beautiful hair, lovely face or so

Favourite car: Passat combi, and some ralley cars

Favourite model: I don’t know at the moment, there are soooo many of them

About women: The devil lives in them

Are you tattooed: a big fridge on my back (no)

Have you ever hurt yourself, if, why and what have you done: No

What do you do, when you’re sad and when you’re aggressive: depends on the situation

How would you describe the other members in your band:

DENNIS: sometimes intolerable, musical genius, sometimes impatient, fat ass, friend

PETE: sometimes without any plan, excellent abilities on PC, pornographic assessment,friend

TOM: once aggressive, improved within the last year, friend

Message: In darkness you will not see so far as by daylight


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